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DEAD WELCOMING - UPDATES AND CUTS (Along with Aprox. Release Date)

Hello all who follow my posts and game updates. This is a special update for Dead Welcoming, a horror game I have been working on with my brother. Let's just get the bad news out of the way so that we can discuss the awesome updates!

What has been cut?

With all that is going on in our personal lives, some cuts are being made! I will give a list of cuts below and do my best to explain why! *Please note that not all cuts will remain and may be added back at a later time!*

Full Interaction Dialog

We decided to remove having complete interaction with everything around you in the world with voiced dialog. Reason being, just not enough time and resources to make it happen right now. Though it may be added in later on.

Aaron NPC/Follower

We have been having some issues with this part of the game... Between AI not working properly, broken animations and trouble finding a voice actor, it has worn us thin with this part of the game... Plus, his purpose in the game doesn't really move the plot along, as he is literally just nothing more than a follower! This character does not bring anything to the game-play and has been cut.

Save & Load Feature

It is most expected to have a save and load feature in most games, however, we decided to cut it from ours. The game isn't really requiring it as it is random and really has no purpose for one. We try to stay clear of linear story-line and allow the player to have a unique and random experience!

What are the updates?

The updates are amazing and took some time to work out. We really believe we have a good game in the making and will make for a great experience!

Better Menus, Better Functions!

We updated the menus from the bleak, old and basic UI ... to something more appealing and realistic! It all feels like it's been written in a book, page by page. We also update the Audio Log system, which now looks amazing -- but we'll let you be the judge of that.

Monster AI Updated

Though I can't say too much for sake of spoilers, I will say the AI for the monsters are updated and cleaner. Works better than before... no more glitching around the map! lol

Item Progression

So now each item allows a different change in the world when picked up, so nothing is really the same! We will admit, the only "linear" thing we added was not being able to leave the starting point WITHOUT the book. ;) That's all I can say at this time. :p

Cave System

We added a cave system, though still in VERY early development... YEAH!! :D



Yep! We added lots of those, good luck finding them! :D

Now, before I sign off for the day... let's talk about release date and what is to be expected!

First off, this will be a FREE TO DOWNLOAD project! We believe everyone should enjoy games together and not be held down by a price tag. Some future games may, but we don't feel we are far enough out there to be doing that right now. Second, we may start accepting donations... but we don't expect anyone to give, so no worries; it won't be required in order to play the game.

annnnd third, we are hoping to release this game to itch.io and GameJolt within the next few months. HOWEVER, we are planning on releasing an early access/demo very very soon! Which may be within the month, going into next month. I will post here as well when that happens so that I can cover all the communities.

Thank you all for your time and I hope you all try out our game when it's released! Happy Trails!

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