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I have a Dream pursued by talent and devotion! I am a unique individual who will overcome the highest of my ability! My style is who I am, nothing more!

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Posted by thekmanproductions - August 6th, 2018

Despite my recent terrible game release and pretty crappy content thus far, I am returning with a new mindset! Along with that, I have aquired some new skills along the way. Time has been hard with work, classes and life itself... but, I am doing my very best. I haven't been very confident lately, so I took a break. However, I would like to get back into the game and work on some more stuff. I am not so sure about music as of right meow, but I do plan to work with more games and possibly some animations -- If I have the time...

So I am sorry for the long-time-no-see, but I am going to be working on some new stuff, trust me! :D

(Here's an idea of my "New Skills")3179272_153357769411_screenshot_1_orig.png

Posted by thekmanproductions - May 25th, 2017

I know I have so many things expected of me, I know I have made many promises and announced so many things to come... but things just don't always happen to plan... Due to moving, getting my life together, trying to find work and my mental imprisionment of all the shadows of my demons -- things are not happening. I am sorry to those I made promises to of content, but I do stick to what I said... I will make content soon, but until then I need to get things in my life fixed first. It's top priority.

Please bare with me, I swear.. I am getting there. :)

~ Kevin

Posted by thekmanproductions - January 2nd, 2017


In search of comedy voice actors for new series called "The WTF Show."

It's a random and wacky show based off of Aqua Teen Hunger Force. It stars Sang from Google Sketchup (LOL Don't ask me stuff, okay) and a talking, magical, douche-bag of an Eraser.... (Yep, an eraser! Get over it!)

The show is about a young man named Sang who was looking for a roommate to help pay his rent. However, his new roommate was more than he expected. Now, he must try to live with his new roommate... basically. lol

I have already finished the first episode and just need voices. More characters will come later on, so the search will continue afterwards. (Or I can just add what I need later here. lol)


Sang: A young, nervous and shy Asian-American man who needed a roommate to help with the rent.

Randy the Eraser: An ass, always sarcastic and talks over everyone. Seems to be afraid of police and likes to do stupid stuff, thinking whatever it is is good will.

Steve: The landlord, which is also an asshole of sorts. Always thinks Sang is throwing parties. Typically, just an old man with attitude.

Bryce: Sangs best friend, likes to do crazy stuff. Typical frat boy who loves to party and flirt with the girls.

Susan: Sangs love interest, shes a shy and sweet girl who has a secret side to her. She tends to act mysterious and is also very nerdy. She has a quiet voice.

Nancy: Bryce's love interest, she is rowdy and loud. Has a nasally voice and likes to drink too much. She is also a bit slutty, but you can use your own judgement.

Wally: He is more or less like a big brother figure to Sang as well as a personal motivater/coach. Sang looks up to him thinking he's cooler than he really is. Generally a pretty nice guy, though bold at times, he's treated like a pushover by Randy. There is a dark secret about him though....

Audition Lines:

Sang: [FILLED]

Randy the Eraser: [FILLED]

Steve: [FILLED]

Bryce: [FILLED]

Susan: http://pastebin.com/raw/58GJrpv2

Nancy: Link

Wally: [FILLED]

Please contact me via PM if you are interested. I check my profile periodically and will get to you ASAP!

Posted by thekmanproductions - January 1st, 2017

I have finally got Adobe Flash Software!!! Which means now I can make my own series. Now I am working on a comedy series, The WTF Show!

It's a random and wacky show based off of Aqua Teen Hunger Force. It stars Sang from Google Sketchup (LOL Don't ask me stuff, okay) and a talking, magical, douche-bag of an Eraser.... (Yep, an eraser! Get over it!)

The show is about a young man named Sang who was looking for a roommate to help pay his rent. However, his new roommate was more than he expected. Now, he must try to live with his new roommate... basically. lol

As soon as I get voices for it, it will be ready. I already made the episode and is ready for audio! I'm so excited. This took me soo long to finally make. I do hope things will work out with the series! :)

I am in search of Voice Actors: http://www.newgrounds.com/bbs/topic/1418662

Posted by thekmanproductions - November 29th, 2015

TKZ Productions Announcement!

It is time to make the announcement that we are now making games in 3D and HTML5! It has been a long time learning and waiting to finally have the ability to do this. Our first 3D game will be out sometime next year and it will be amazing! Also, stay tuned to our new HTML5 games such as Pawns of the Hallow. A new update is coming for that soon as well. We must apologize for the slow updates to our projects, we have been on a holiday break and have been wicked busy with updating a lot! However, we promise you that the projects are still in full development.

Message from me, Kevin: Also, updates for The Overseers project are coming. I try my best to get the updates, but being that I only work behind the scenes, it is rather difficult to relay them.

We hope you all enjoy our games and will enjoy the upcoming games!


Posted by thekmanproductions - October 30th, 2015

Hello everyone!

For those who apart of the project or not, I want to make an announcement! The game is making amazing progress and we are proud to say things are working out perfectly! We are still working on auditions and roles have not completly been decided yet, however we are adding people to credits to help show who is helping with project. We are accepting those who are responding, but no roles are solid as of yet! However, even if the character you auditioned for is decided for someone else or the character is changed, we will offer you another role if interested. The game is playable and we are now working on Level 1!!!! Which is exciting, which means ......... A Playable Demo!!!!!! :D


Everyone who is helping with development will get an exclusive copy of the demo! Michael is working on new lines, story and characters for the game and will announce them soon! We hope to continue working with the amazing people who have joined and make something incredible!

Thank You:

  • Slapper1
  • Benjamen Nutt
  • MrsMeow
  • Vladibear
  • Alec Shea
  • Erik Wittenberg
  • Jonathan Knowles
  • Colin Matthews
  • and David Benitez!

For your amazing voices!! We hope to work with you guys more and accept more auditions!! :D

~ Kevin O'Ryan

Posted by thekmanproductions - October 16th, 2015

As you may have noticed in my game section, I have been practicing making HTML5 games... There not as great as my ordinary Windows games, but I'm off to a decent start. Now with Game Maker Studio, I have been trying to make both Windows and HTML5 games. Now, I'm not so great with it now.. but, I'll get there soon! I know I can make it! :D


~ Kevin O'Ryan

Posted by thekmanproductions - August 15th, 2015

For now on, Storytime with Little Sister will be only excusive to Youtube. I will post a link soon of the channel. Thank you to those who support me and follow the project. Also, all audio parts will also be only posted on SoundCloud.



See you soon! :)

Posted by thekmanproductions - August 13th, 2015


As I promised, I have made an epic return to the series with a new and improved format!! I will now be making Storytime with Little Sister as a visual novel. I am re-making the first few episodes and then will begin on the new episodes. I do hope you love them! With my new laptop and a little program called XNALara, I am hoping to bring the series to life!


Note: I have specially edited the Little Sister model from BioShock 2, which was imported by o0crofty0o. I basically edited her textures. So now, Nadine has her own unique look.

Posted by thekmanproductions - July 13th, 2015


Storytime with Little Sister is back on track, I am working on a new library and so much more! Great things are about to happen! Stay tuned, for I can only go up from here. I have been working day and night on a suprise that may bring many listeners or viewers... For those who have followed me and all the wonderful people who have volunteered their time into this project, I thank you! I do hope to work with you or that you, the audience, enjoy the series. 

~ Kevin O'Ryan