Entry #22

Things are NOT going to plan....

2017-05-25 19:07:28 by thekmanproductions

I know I have so many things expected of me, I know I have made many promises and announced so many things to come... but things just don't always happen to plan... Due to moving, getting my life together, trying to find work and my mental imprisionment of all the shadows of my demons -- things are not happening. I am sorry to those I made promises to of content, but I do stick to what I said... I will make content soon, but until then I need to get things in my life fixed first. It's top priority.

Please bare with me, I swear.. I am getting there. :)

~ Kevin


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2017-05-25 22:24:10

Hey there! You seem quite troubled. It's totally okay to have to take a break. Heck, I just dropped of the face of the Earth for no good reason just as someone contacted me with a potential collaboration offer (I'm sure my uh, 8 fans didn't really notice - but that's not the point). Just take things slowly - they'll all work out in the end.

Take it easy,


2017-09-24 21:08:11

No worries. Look how long I haven't made anything! You don't have to work on the WTF show if it doesn't work out for you.